SELEE Corporation is a technical materials company specializing in the design and manufacture of porous ceramics and metal foams for a wide range of demanding industrial applications.  Scroll down this page to find the best filter for your application.


Cast House Filters



CS-X® is now available with SELEE’s SafeSeal® Plus gasket. This is the same SafeSeal® expandable non-RCF gasket plus there is no smoke generated during filter preheat.  CS-X® with SafeSeal® Plus gasket offers an improved working environment for cast house personnel. 

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Lithium Aluminum

  • CS-T™ exclusively developed for Lithium Aluminum alloys

  • More stable filter-metal interface resulting in better inclusion adhesion

  • Significant reduction in filter-metal reaction and associated inclusion releases

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Foundry Filters

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Ceramic Foam Filters of SELEE® structure are preferred by aluminum foundries of all types and levels of production due to their superior dimensional control.

They are manufactured in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the varied processes and equipment used in the aluminum foundry.

Whether your foundry produces standard aluminum castings or critical, complex, thin-wall aerospace castings, we have the optimal formulation for your application.

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The filtration and treatment of grey and ductile iron receive special attention at SELEE Corporation.

SELEE is proud to show its commitment to the iron industry with a continued focus on product improvement and new product development.

The superior dimensional tolerances of SELEE® filters for iron filtration are recognizable at first glance.  These filters are precision cut after firing to the tightest dimensional tolerances in the world.  All surfaces, including the cut sides, have the desirable open-pore structure of true ceramic foam.

The high internal surface area of this structure makes for a deep-bed filtration effect throughout the thickness of the filter.  Through deep-bed filtration, even highly fluid slag is retained in the foam network, significantly reducing scrap and machining.  SELEE produces filters in a wide variety of sizes and in several thicknesses and pore sizes to meet the filtration requirements of grey and ductile iron foundries.

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Zirconia PRZ Filter

To meet the demanding requirements of steel foundries, SELEE Corporation recommends the Zirconia (PRZ) filter.

Our PRZ filters are formulated of a magnesia-stabilized zirconia, the perfect composition for filtering steel grades from carbon to stainless. 

There are many benefits to the steel foundry including fewer reoxidation and subsurface defects and a higher casting yield.  They are highly thermal shock resistant, a must for the steel foundry. 

PRZ filters are available in many standard and custom sizes, shapes, and pore sizes.

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SELEE® Filters for Primary Copper

Reduced Break Frequency:  Casting filtered metal has proven to reduce wire and rod breakage by up to 35%.

Reduced Incidence of Nozzle Blockage:  Using filters in launder and/or tundish removes inclusion material, dramatically reduces nozzle blockage and increases production run.

Reduction of Scrap Related to Slag Treatment Operation: Filter pores trap by-products generated during slag treatment, eliminating or greatly reducing scrap and increasing casting yield.

Reduced Scrap Due to Furnace Changeovers:  Casting filtered metals results in increased casting speed and fewer furnace changeovers, which in turn reduce the amount of scrap product related to slag carryover during furnace changeovers.

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SELEE’s foams are unique reticulated structures designed for use in applications ranging from electrodes to metal filtration.  A wide range of materials and configurations are available: 

Pore Size:  10ppi – 120ppi

Relative Density:  2% – 50% 

Size:  Maximum dimensions depend on product thickness, density and pore size.  Please contact a product specialist for more information.

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Investment Casting Filters



SUPERALLOY Investment Casting

SELEE has the right ceramic filter composition for any metal you may pour in your investment foundry.  Whether it's master melt or casting, our investment casting filters can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and shapes.


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Custom Filtration Products

Metal Foams.

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