President's Statement on Sustainability

"SELEE Corporation is fully committed to the reducing our environmental footprint, while maintaining an unparalleled ability to deliver superior products and services to our customers."

-Watt Jackson, President SELEE Corporation


Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy

Prevention: Each employee will strive to prevent product defects, pollution, and accidents.

Customer Satisfaction: We are passionate about meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continually improving all aspects of our business.

Continued Compliance: We are committed to comply with applicable regulations and requirements.

Employee Empowerment: Each employee is responsible for his or her own output and can initiate change.

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Health and Safety Training 

SELEE is committed to a regular and comprehensive program of health and safety training for all of our employees. This results in a better work environment and improves our production efficiencies. 

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SELEE's Safety Goals 

  • 100% safety training attendance

  • 100% completion of weekly safety inspections

  • 70% of safety walkabout items completed on time

  • Complete 1 or more Job Safety Analysis per month

  • 5 or more positive safety acts per month


Safety Teams

Safety Steering Team
The team convenes once a month after the SLT has met to discuss items regarding information gathered from the SLT meetings as well as incidents/accidents, and any other safety concerns that the managers are aware of. The SST sets overall company goals as well as providing support for the SLT. 

Safety Leadership Team
The team meets once a month. Members are required to:

  • be part of/perform JSAs,

  • actively participate in team meeting discussions, rotate meeting roles (facilitator, time keeper, scribe and presenting at the monthly communications meeting),

  • abide by the SLT meeting ground rules,

  • participate in quarterly “switcheroo” safety & environmental inspections,

  • sign the “safety statement of purpose and obligations”,

  • be part of accident/Incident investigation team,

  • perform document review to determine their effectiveness towards a safe work environment,

  • and assist in new hire orientation and training.

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Incentive Programs

Safety Nominations

To recognize and reward positive/proactive safety measures, a drawing is held each month at the employee communications meeting. All nominees have a chance to win a ½ day vacation. In particular, we want to include nominated for team members who report a near miss, when someone is noticed reminding a fellow employee of safe work practices, and when a team member comes up with a good idea or issues and helps follow up to see it to completion.

At the end of each fiscal year, the results are reviewed and the person with the most nominations will receive an additional awards.