As a company, SELEE ensures its own sustainability through a variety of manufacturing initiatives, on-going employee education and incentive programs, and several community out-reach programs designed to improve the environment where we work and live.  We are proud to claim that everyone at SELEE is fully involved in promoting, implementing, and living our corporate commitment to sustainability.

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In 2017, SELEE kept 1,481,828 pounds out of the landfill through recycling & compost programs.


SELEE's Green Team

The Green Team is comprised of employees who are interested in learning more about waste reduction and sustainability. The team meets once a month to discuss ongoing projects, progress toward goals, and new ideas. We also meet once a month to do an onsite stream clean.  

The Green Team goes on “field trip” tours of other manufactures that are working toward zero waste, as well as recycling and compost facilities. The tours take place on average once every quarter. 


SELEE's First Annual Garden Planting Day

Donald van der Vaart


NC Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Visit July 2016

NC Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Donald van der Vaart visited SELEE in June 2016 for a tour and to learn about what SELEE does to protect the environment. His visit was reported in the Hendersonville Times-News.

 1st Adopt-A-Stream Clean- Over 75 lbs of trash removed from the stream bed and banks.

1st Adopt-A-Stream Clean- Over 75 lbs of trash removed from the stream bed and banks.

 Certificate of Recognition from North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

Certificate of Recognition from North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality


Adopt-A-Stream Program

The Green Team adopted the stream on our property in early 2017 as part of Mountain True’s Adopt-A-Stream program.  Adopt-A-Stream is a community based monitoring program where volunteers identify and restore stream health and water quality.  SELEE is committed to protecting our water quality and ecosystems. 


Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI)

SELEE became a partner with NCDEQ’s ESI program in December 2016. 

“DEQ's Environmental Stewardship Initiative is designed to promote and encourage superior environmental performance by North Carolina's regulated community. This program seeks to reduce the impact on the environment beyond measures required by any permit or rule, producing a better environment, conserving natural resources and resulting in long-term economic benefits. Partners must demonstrate a commitment to maintain compliance, and either commit to establishing an environmental management system or set long-term measurable environmental performance goals.”

SELEE Environmental Stewardship Initiative Goals

  • Develop & implement an EMS or obtain ISO14001 By Dec 2020

  • Reduce solid waste to landfill by 3% annually.

  • Reduce electrical usage. Set baseline and target after conducting plant-wide energy audit.

Did you know that SELEE Corp. is working towards being waste free by 2025? We started the campaign in 2016 and are 40% of the way there! Here is our compost garden where leftover material from the manufacturing process is used as fertilizer. 

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Goal of Zero Waste to landfill by 2025!

Recycling & Compost
In 2016 we implemented several recycling programs that diverted waste from landfills and allowed the material to be recycled & composted. Our solid waste to landfill decreased by 40.5% in 2016. 

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Water Bottle Filling Stations
To help reduce our environmental impact, we have installed water bottle filling stations on the manufacturing floor. Since installation in October 2016, we have saved over 10,000 bottles from the waste stream by using refillable bottles. 


RightCycle program
We recycle our used gloves through Kimberly Clark’s Right Cycle program. The program was implemented in September 2016 and we have already saved over 1,300 pounds from landfills