SELEE also offers a range of additional products to serve the needs of our clients.  Additional products include:


PreHeat Systems

To ensure complete filter priming at startup, the filter and the bowl in which it is seated must be properly heated prior to starting the flow of molten aluminum.  SELEE Corporation produces several burner systems to meet any filter preheat requirements.


SELEE's new HVB Preheat Burners provide the most reliable and efficient method of bringing the filter and filter bowl up to the optimal temperature for aluminum casting. 

HVB Preheat Burners are compact and portable. They include models that meet US, European, and other International Standards.  Conventional inspirator burners with or without air supply valves are also available.





SELEE's LIG Gas Lids are the ultimate in filter and bowl preheat technology.  In addition to providing all the advantages of the HVB Preheat Burners, they are quick, quiet and easy to operate.  They insure even heat distribution for complete priming and good gasket sealing every time.  These highly automated systems are designed to work with your current programmable logic controller (PLC) structure.


Advanced Ceramic Shapes

SELEE's Advanced Ceramic Shapes group includes all equipment and accessory products for melt treatment and filtration in aluminum cast shops.  Made with the finest quality materials and the latest updated technology, our Advanced Ceramic Shapes ensure bottom-line operational effectiveness.



SELEE's precision-engineered filter bowls and launders are unique.  Their development and designs are based on our metallurgical engineers' years of experience in the field of aluminum melt filtration and molten metal transfer technology.  They are easy to use, durable and are sized for industry-standard filters.


Technical Information


For the latest technology, consider the SELEE® Staged Filtration System.

 Staged Technical Information



The replaceable refractory liners for SELEE® filter bowls and launders are made of high-purity fused silica.  They offer the most desirable properties for the demanding cast house environment:  non-wetting, corrosion-resistant, insulating, thermal-shock resistant, and high strength. 

Thermal Processing Products


SELEE Corporation offers a complete line of kiln furniture, kiln components and accessories, everything from dense to low mass products to meet every application need.  Our complete line of kiln components will provide a solution for every rebuild project along with applications engineering assistance for special design requirements.




Our SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™ division produces kiln components that are a vital part of every high temperature furnace. 

Their performance is often overlooked or taken for granted. However, proper material selection and design can result in 1) increased service life, 2) reduced maintenance cost, and 3) lower energy consumption. 

Proprietary material compositions allow us to balance the applications needs of strength, thermal shock resistance and thermal mass. 

Products Include:

  • Burner/Tap Out Blocks
  • Beams 
  • Muffles 
  • Skid Rails 
  • Element Sleeves 
  • Tubes 
  • Perimeter Blocks


SELEE Corporation's proprietary materials offer you increased product quality, longer service life, and reduced energy consumption.  Products include:

  • Saggers
  • Boats
  • Setters
  • Spacers

Together with SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™, we offer custom-designed systems using our Micromass®, Tylar® and HYcor® product lines to meet virtually every firing need.


Reliable, repeatable firing is absolutely critical to producing today's high quality components.  This requirement drove the development of Process Temperature Control Rings (PTCR).

The use of PTCR gives our customers a highly accurate representation of firing conditions.  Unlike other, more traditional methods, the PTCR system measures the actual amount of heat that is transferred to the fired products; thus allowing the mapping of the kiln's thermal performance. 

Through application of PTCR technology, our customers have experienced yield improvements, reduced inspection costs and overall quality improvements.  Technical Info


SELEE Corporation manufactures open-cell, reticulated metal foam products for a wide range of applications.  Common alloy materials include stainless steels, iron-chromium alloys, and copper alloys.  Uses for metal foam include radiant burners, catalyst supports, flame arrestors, static fluid mixers, and water treatment media, among many others. 



SELEE Metpore® metal foams are available in a wide variety of geometries, porosities and materials.  SELEE metal foams may be made with porosity as high as 98%, and can be optimized for your specific needs.  The material has a high surface area, low thermal mass, good mechanical strength, and provides a tortuous path to fluid flow through the body of the material.

Metpore® Characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • High surface area
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Flame stabilization
  • Mechanical strength
  • Flow dispersion and mixing

Applications for Metpore® 

  • Radiant burners
  • Flame arrestors
  • Catalyst supports
  • Static fluid mixing
  • Electronics cooling
  • Noise attenuation
  • Electrodes
  • Water treatment
  • Conformable structure
  • And many more

A wide range of materials and configurations are available:

Pore Size:  5ppi – 120ppi

Relative Density:  2% – 25%

Materials:  FeCrAlY, stainless steel, nickel, nickel alloys, copper, brass, steel, titanium casting.

Size:  Maximum dimensions depend on product thickness, density and pore size.  Please contact a product specialist for more information.

See our Metal Foam product brochures here:  

BRC2005-08 Metpore® EFCS.pdf

BRC2005-10 MetFlame® Power Burner

BRC2011-04 MetFlame® A.pdf


Carbon Foam

SELEE Corporation manufactures open-cell, reticulated carbon foam products for a wide range of applications.  SELEE® carbon foam is an open-cell reticulated carbon foam with highly controlled pore size and porosity.  Applications include electrodes, catalyst supports, high-temperature filtration, and high-temperature thermal insulation.

SELEE® carbon foams are vitreous reticulated carbon structures available in a wide variety of geometries, porosities and cell sizes.  SELEE® carbon foams may be made with porosity as high as 98% and can be optimized for your specific needs. The material is electrically conductive and corrosion resistant, making it an excellent electrode or catalyst substrate. 

Carbon Foam Characteristics:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Electrically conductive
  • High surface area
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low thermal expansion


  • Battery electrodes
  • Catalyst supports
  • Static fluid mixing
  • Heat exchange
  • Noise attenuation

CARBON FOAM Configurations

SELEE® carbon foams are unique reticulated structures designed for use in applications ranging from electrodes to metal filtration.  A wide range of materials and configurations are available: 

Pore Size:  10ppi – 120ppi

Relative Density:  2% – 50% 

Size:  Maximum dimensions depend on product thickness, density and pore size.

Please contact a product specialist for more information.


Metal Handling

SELEE Corporation's SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™division offers a wide variety of metal handling products, including crucibles, ladle liners, spouts, and PAK-TITE rams.  For more information, please visit SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™a division of SELEE Corporation.


Designed for integrity and performance, SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™crucibles can have dramatic effects on the cost effectiveness of your shop.  Our crucibles are available in a wide selection of shapes and melting capacities.  For extended crucible life and performance, let our engineering team assist you with technical advice on proper selection, correct installation and sound operational practices.

Ladle Liners

SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™ ladle liners are strong and efficient, innovative in design and consistent in their high performance and are available in a large variety of sizes and spout configurations.  Choose from open-top, or our unique monolithic bottom-pour ladle liners with integrated skimmers.


Our unlimited custom-shape capabilities distinguish us from the competition with spouts and integral crucibles tailored to the needs of your shop.  If sizing changes, spout modifications or alterations are necessary to improve your process, you can count on SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™ to provide you with prompt and effective solutions.


These high-thermal expansion, dry vibratable ramming materials pack easily and provide maximal density with minimal shifting. PAK-TITE rams are designed for use with SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™ crucibles and ladles and are available in silica and spinel formulations.


Contact SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™

Chemical Processing


SELEE® Ceramic Foam for the chemical processing industry is available as catalyst supports, radiation shields, and products for other chemical applications.

SELEE Corporation’s Silcor® CS, the latest innovation in catalyst substrate technology offering a combination of unique physical, thermal, and mechanical properties, can be custom engineered to meet the most challenging catalysis substrate applications. Technical Information→

SELEE Corporation offers Silcor® EFCS Ceramic Foam, the latest innovation in automotive exhaust filtration and catalyst support technology.  The unique tortuous path structure and patented ceramic composition of Silcor® EFCS provides many benefits simply not possible with straight channel structures. Technical Information→

SELEE Corporation offers Silcor® TBCS, the latest innovation in catalyst gauze support and shielding technology. The unique tortuous path structure of Silcor® provides many features and benefits simply not possible with straight channel structures.  
Technical Information→


Please contact us for details on how we can help your chemical process with SELEE® products.