At SELEE, we realize that our commitment to sustainability, and the highest quality products and services, is also important to our customers.  Our commitment to sustainability allows our valued customers to experience less environmental impact related to the purchase of SELEE’s products and services. 



President's Statement on Sustainability

"SELEE Corporation is fully committed to the reducing our environmental footprint, while maintaining an unparalleled ability to deliver superior products and services to our customers."

-Watt Jackson, President SELEE Corporation


Dense Pack

Benefits of dense pack:

  • Approximately 28% more product per pallet than standard (customer savings on shipping)

  • Significant reduction of packing materials

  • Concept lends itself to increased automation and robotics packing

  • Reduced crumbs to the customer

  • Environmental impact is elimination of an average of over 500 cardboard inserts and 1 shipping pallet


 ACerS 2009 Environmental Achievement Award

In 2009, SELEE received the Corporate Environmental Achievement Award from The American Ceramic Society. This award honors a single outstanding environmental achievement made by an ACerS corporate member in the field of ceramics.  SELEE received its award for the development of porous reticulated ceramic foam filters.

Ceramic Filter.JPG


Our ceramic slurry is reclaimed, cleaned and reused in several process to reduce waste.  SELEE is able to reclaim an average of 55 tons of ceramic slurry each year in our IAF process. 

Conflict Minerals Region.png

Conflict Minerals

SELEE Corporation is committed to responsible sourcing of metals. SELEE does not add conflict minerals to any of our products and no smelters in our supply chain source the 3TG from the covered countries.