SELEE Corporation wins the 2017 Technical Achievement Award

SELEE Corporation has been notified by the American Ceramic Society that it will be receiving the organization’s 2017 Corporate Technical Achievement Award for the development of Aluminosilicate-Based Ceramic Foam Filter for Molten Iron and Aluminum Filtration. The award will be presented to SELEE® during the 119th Annual Meeting of the American Ceramic Society in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 9, 2017.

Due to the rising costs, shrinking availability, and environmentally unfriendly process associated with silicon carbide powder, SELEE® introduced the aluminosilicate-based filter to protect its customers from price fluctuations, filter shortages, and challenge the paradigm of silicon carbide in iron foundry filters. SELEE® IC™ filters are completely free of silicon carbide, yet capable of meeting the demands of the iron foundry and aluminum filtration applications.

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We Did It! SELEE Recycling and Compost Exceeds Landfill Waste

For the first time in SELEE history, our monthly landfill waste was less than recycling & compost. Thank you to all our employees, customers, and suppliers for your ongoing effort and support of our sustainability program. Without you, none of this would be possible.  SELEE is fully committed to doing everything we can to keep this trend going and achieve zero waste to landfill by 2025!

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SELEE and United Way's Day of Action

One of SELEE Corporation's core values states that we will care for the community for which we work and live.  Several SELEE employees recently participated in the Henderson County United Way's Day of Action.  The team painted the walls and pressure-washed the sidewalks at Upward Elementary School.


SELEE Announces Price Increase Effective June 1, 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective June 1, 2017, SELEE is increasing the prices of its filters in response to a dramatic increase in the purchase costs of polyurethane foam. The major petrochemical producers have posted global increases in the costs of the reactive raw materials, TDI and PMDI, required for the manufacture of polyurethane. This is affecting the entire industry. As you may know, polyurethane foam is the substrate used in the production of ceramic foam filters.

SELEE must pass along the following increases:

  • Cast house = +3%
  • Foundry = +4%
  • Superalloys = +3%
  • Other product lines = +3%

We regret this action by the petrochemicals industry. SELEE does not have sufficient room to absorb this increase on behalf of the entire supply chain, therefore we must pass the increase forward. If you have any questions, please consult with your SELEE sales contact.



Watt Jackson
President, SELEE Corporation

(Link to original letter here)

SELEE Recognized by Hendersonville County Habitat for Humanity

SELEE was recognized by Hendersonville County Habitat for Humanity in their Spring/Summer 2017 newsletter. Our employees participated in SELEE's first "Blitz Build" with Habitat in January 2017. 

SELEE's Community Garden

SELEE was recently recognized by the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development for our community garden.

"Did you know that SELEE Corp. is working towards being waste free by 2025? They started the campaign in 2016 and are 40% of the way there. ☝🏼Here is their compost garden where leftover material from their manufacturing process is used as fertilizer. "

SELEE Expands Product Offering

SELEE Corporation, the world leader in molten metal filtration, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fiber Ceramics, a division of Joy-Mark, Inc. Fiber Ceramics joins the SELEE family and represents a nice addition to the broad ceramic foam product line of SELEE.

LIG Ultra Preheat Lid 

The LIG Ultra fully automated preheat system is push button operated and incorporates a PLC and digital temperature controller to provide easily adjustable temperature producing the optimum preheat for the filter and filter bowl.  The burner system forces hot combustion gas evenly throughout the entire filter body, consistently heating the filter internally to the proper filter operating temperature as well as expanding the SafeSeal® gasket material and the filter bowl refractory.


SELEE® CS-X® - The Next Generation Cast House Filter


SELEE Corporation invented the ceramic foam filter in 1973 based on a phosphate-bonded alumina (PBA) structure.  It has since been widely copied by other suppliers and has become the standard cast house filter in the industry, representing 98% of ceramic foam filters in use.  In 2008 SELEE introduced CS-X®, the next generation ceramic foam filter for aluminum cast houses, offering significant advantages over the current product.  

SELEE continues to live up to its legacy as "The World Leader in Molten Metal Filtration Technology." 

Benefits of SELEE® CS-X®

SELEE® CS-X® offers the following key benefits over phosphate-bonded alumina filters:  

Safer and more environmentally friendly

  • Non-RCF Filter - No refractory ceramic fibers in the filter body or gasket
  • Elimination of phosphine gas generation from used filters in the cast house and in disposal

Superior filtration performance

  • More stable filter-metal interface resulting in better inclusion adhesion
  • Significant reduction in filter-metal reaction and associated inclusion releases in magnesium alloys
  • Elimination of hydrogen pick-up across the filter
  • Reduction in filter cracking during preheat and operation resulting from high thermal expansion
  • Improved thermal shock resistance

Transparent changeover for cast houses

  • Same dimensions and pore sizes as current filters
  • Same preheat, bowls, and operational characteristics

For more detailed technical information on filter properties, test results, and field trials, please contact your SELEE representative. 

Tim Kriegel (R), CFO of SELEE Corporation, presents a check for $36,795 to the United Way of Henderson County.

Tim Kriegel (R), CFO of SELEE Corporation, presents a check for $36,795 to the United Way of Henderson County.

SELEE Recognized as United Way 2015 Pacesetter for Henderson County

United Way of Henderson County recognized SELEE Corporation today as our Pacesetter for the 2015 UWHC Campaign.  SELEE pledged $36,795 this year, 10% more than last year.  SELEE employees also spent the day at Hands On where they cleaned, painted and repaired interactive children's exhibits as part of United Way's Day of Caring.

“Selee has set an example for every company in Henderson County this year,” said Denise Cumbee Long, Executive Director of UWHC.  “Their campaign increased by 10 percent over last year, and their leadership team and employees choose to invest in Henderson County through United Way every year. We're tremendously grateful for their ongoing support and growth in giving.”  

A dedicated crew of SELEE employees spent the day at Hands On, a local Hendersonville non-profit that provides interactive experiences for the children in our area.   

A dedicated crew of SELEE employees spent the day at Hands On, a local Hendersonville non-profit that provides interactive experiences for the children in our area.