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At SELEE, we do much more than just sell products.  Our team of world class engineers stands ready to assist you in all facets of molten metal processing, insuring that you have the knowledge you need to consistently produce the highest quality products with optimal cost efficiency.

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SELEE Metallurgical Offerings

SELEE Metallurgical Services (SMS) offers metallurgical services and advice to the molten metal industry.  SMS leverages the application knowledge built by our world class SELEE engineers and researchers over the past three decades.  SMS pulls together the right project team to address the client’s specific issues.  This is all done under SELEE project management to insure professional project delivery, confidentiality, and quality.

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Metal quality assessment

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Process audit – best practices and employee training

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New process design

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Defect analysis, root cause investigation, and identification of corrective actions

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Recommendations for achieving new product quality requirements

SMS focuses on the core customer base of aluminum cast houses, foundries (aluminum, iron, steel, copper), and investment casting; with specific focus on the furnace to mold/casting processes.

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Digital Library

Digital library of over 2100 reports

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4269 metallurgical samples analyzed in the last 10

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Our Collection

The largest known atlas/collection of non-metallic inclusion material images

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Experience analyzing more than 200 different metal alloys

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Degreed Staff

Degreed staff with more than 100 years of practical metallurgical experience supporting molten metal operations

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