As pioneers in metal filtration, SELEE continues its legacy of helping customers improve the quality of their products and the efficiency of their operations

Are Your Filters Safe?

Our Patented CS-X Non PBA (Phosphate Bonded Aluminum) Filters provide improved quality of final filtered metal and are environmentally safer.


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SELEE® will be the revolutionary force in product innovation for the molten metal industry. Our brand will represent quality and innovation that rivals any company anywhere.

Let us help you find innovative solutions that will positively impact your company’s future.

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The Pioneer and World Leader in Metal Filtration Technology

SELEE pioneered the use of ceramic foam technology in metal filtration. As a result of this commitment to innovation, SELEE remains consistently at the forefront of the latest developments in filtration, melt treatment and transfer processes for molten metals of all types.

We are very proud of our long term commitment to customer service, product quality, leading edge innovation, and technical support for our customers.

Our mission at SELEE® is to be the most respected and innovative supplier enabling our customers to create advanced metal components for the transportation, agriculture, and consumer product industries.

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