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Low Phosphate is not No Phosphate

Our Patented CS-X Non PBA (Phosphate Bonded Aluminum) Filters provide improved quality of final filtered metal and are environmentally safer.

Know The Difference

 Did you know that phosphate bonded ceramic foam filters can result in…

Enviromentally Dangerous

Toxic Gas Release

The release of phosphine gas – a neurotoxic and highly flammable gas.

Higher Scrap – Damaged Toolings

Poor Casting Quality

Edge crushing and filter particles released into the downstream metal.

Low Phosphate is not the same as NO Phosphate. 


How Safe Are Your

Filters For You?

Magnesium phosphide reacts with moisture in the air to form phosphine gas

According to the 2009 U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) pocket guide, and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation, the 8 hour average respiratory exposure should not exceed 0.3 ppm. NIOSH recommends that the short term respiratory exposure to phosphine gas should not exceed 1 ppm. The Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health level is 50 ppm

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Experience Matters

50 Years of Experience in Molten Metal Filtration as the creator of the Ceramic Foam Filters.


Continuous Innovation

The creator and innovator of Ceramic Foam Filtration. Setting the standard and always innovating for NEXT. 


Enviromentally Safer

Developed aluminum casthouse filters specifically to address operator exposure and landfill contamination of phosphine gas.

Lets Get Technical.

Download the technical paper for the full look into No Phosphate Ceramic Foam Filters.

The Original Innovator Of Ceramic Foam Filters

50 Years of  Innovation is no accident.

SELEE pioneered the use of ceramic foam technology in metal filtration. As a result of this commitment to innovation, SELEE remains consistently at the forefront of the latest developments in filtration, melt treatment and transfer processes for molten metals of all types.

Introduced by SELEE in the mid-1970s, and redeveloped with CS-X®, the SELEE Ceramic Foam Filter continues to be the standard for aluminum filtration in cast houses all over the world.

The filtered metal is significantly cleaner. Cleaner metal results in higher quality castings, less scrap, and fewer inclusion defects, all of which contribute to bottom line profit. 

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Years Experience

"With all the supply chain issues over the last couple of years, Selee has not let us down on regular and predictable filter shipments. You guys rock!"

"I appreciate all you and Selee has done for us and want to let you know the recent outpouring of appreciation goes unnoticed.  Thank you for what you did for us during our shortage of filters."

"Been a great relationship for as long as I can remember. Mark Heamon and the Selee team have come through for me and my company on numerous occasions during very trying times. This effort does not go unnoticed, looking forward to doing business for many more years."

"Our company has been doing business with SELEE Corp(USA) for the last 24 years. SELEE’s Technical staff and commercial staff has over the years proven themselves to be experts in the use of CFF in both the foundry and primary and secondary Aluminium industries. Customer needs and requests for technical and commercial aspects are always met. Production orders, in certainly more difficult conditions in today’s environment, are being handled pro-actively. Internal sales staff and logistic staff tend to keep us informed and updated on any delays or any other issues that may arise. Certainly has been a pleasure to be associated with SELEE."

"With SELEE we have quick responses to unforeseen situations, they adapt to change and offer optimal alternatives for problem solving. In addition, they are constantly innovating in the current situation of raw material crisis, developing alternatives to respond to the needs of their customers.

I would recommend them."

"Having SELEE as a Supplier means having a reliable partner that is there as and when we need it. There have been occasions where we need SELEE’s support due to emergencies; they have always been there to support us during those times. We wanted to give a special thank you to Ingo Schwarz and Flor Pickus for their excellent customer service."

"Genuinely love working with Selee for the past 11 years.  They are more than just a vendor providing us a product and couldn’t do without Rebecca Sherman.  She could train other vendors what real customer service should be."

SELEE Corporation Provides Excellent Service That Customers Demand and Value: Outstanding Quality, Competitive Pricing and most importantly, they provide knowledgeable, friendly staff who understand the sense of urgency that Companies demand and always provide World Class Customer Service“ I especially enjoy working with Becky and Stephen and appreciate the service they provide.  I know that I can place an order and they will deliver on the day they promised!” In short, SELEE Corporation has built a true partnership that is highly valued!

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